How to Upload Files to a Remote FTP Server

If you want to upload files from your computer into a remote FTP server, the usual way is to install and use a third party FTP client such as filezilla and cuteftp.

Why install an additional client software that would need additional resources (memory and hard disk storage) when you can do the job easily if you’re using Windows.

In Windows, all you need to do is create a network location that points to the FTP server and you can start copy/pasting files from your local directory into the remote FTP server.

To do this,

  1.  Double click the icon “This PC” to an instance of Windows file explorer.
  2.  Right click the icon “This PC” and select “Add a network location”
  3.  In the Add Network Location Wizard, type in the location of the remote FTP server.
  4.  Save the network location.

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